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Woman schools fat-shamers who say she can’t wear certain things

Like many of us, Sara Petty is tired of fat-shaming.

And she’s doing something about it. The 20-year-old college student recently noticed a trend on Twitter where people commented on what women of a certain weight could and couldn’t wear.

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“I had seen a tweet from someone saying that 200-pound girls shouldn’t wear bikinis,” she told the Huffington Post. “I just did some quick searches and found a bunch of similar tweets, so I decided I could do my part to chip away at body-shaming however I could.”

So, she decided to demonstrate that, yes, women can wear whatever they want — even if they surpass the so-called “cutoff” weight for what’s “acceptable” by random Twitter users. Her message: Wear whatever you want.

The saddest part of this is that all of the tweets are from other women.

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“I hope women realize how important it is to stop tearing each other down and uplift each other,” Petty told the HuffPost. “We have a lot going against us as women; we don’t need other women against us, too.”

Plus, her photos prove that weight is just a random number and doesn’t look the same on all people, thanks to an amazing little thing called genetics. For example, I’ve asked more than one person to guess my weight and they’ve all guessed considerably less — like 30 or more pounds — than my actual weight. It’s a unit of measurement, not a representation of my worth as a person.

“I also hope that girls are able to separate who they are from the number that shows up on the scale and realize there is no number, high or low, that dictates if you’re worthy of feeling beautiful,” Petty added.

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“Body-shaming will probably always be there in some way, but I hope my post helps at least some women feel beautiful in spite of it.”

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