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Most patient dog ever lets little girl play doctor (WATCH)

With no shortage of cutesy viral animal videos doing the rounds, it takes something special for us to stop and stare.

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Like this video of a beautiful dog — believed to be an English mastiff — who has to win the award for the most patient dog ever for letting her little human friend give her a very through medical check-up.

The dog sits still throughout the whole process, during which she has her ears checked and temperature and blood pressure taken. Well, in the little girl’s make-believe world, at least…

Watch the sweet video in full below.

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It’s pretty obvious that the dog and the child have a very close bond. Some Facebook users have pointed out that not all dogs would tolerate such attention — check out our list of top 10 dog breeds for kids.

Do you have a dog as patient as this one? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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