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This hilarious twist on sexy pictures is taking over the Internet

Unless you live under a rock, chances are good that you’ve at least encountered the rising popularity of the sexy boudoir shoot — sultry pictures (usually of a woman) taken by a talented photographer to highlight all of the subject’s best… assets. But when photographer Masika May pairs up with special clients who have both a vision and a sense of humor, the script can be flipped, and the result is these hilarious “Dudeoir” photos.

May is the extremely talented owner and photographer of Masika May Photography in British Columbia, and her work is, in a word, amazing. She’s clearly very good at what she does, and whether it’s bridal photography or family work, the attention to detail is intense.

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It’s that same painstaking composition work and eye for detail that make every single curly chest hair on this strapping young lad’s chest stand out:

Or captures the striking beauty of every sultry soapsud as it drenches this saucy stud:

These are her viral Dudeoir photos. Using all the conventions of typical boudoir photography — from the lighting to the come-hither eyes and poses — May facilitates a very special gift from one partner to the other: the gift of sexy horse photography.

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You could use these photos to draw up a critique about female standards of beauty and how ridiculous it looks when men do it, but that isn’t the point of these shoots. Boudoir photography isn’t just about male gazey stuff. Many women find the experience empowering, and some will never hand the photos over to a dude. On the flip side, Dudeoir photography isn’t just about poking fun at that, even if it does play a huge role.

Giving saucy photos of yourself, humorous or not, requires allowing yourself to be at least a little vulnerable. I mean, you’ve stripped down to your well-worn tighty-whities and/or laciest thong, for goodness’ sake!

But it also provides an opportunity to have a good laugh at your own expense. Humor has an important function in marriage, and there’s even science that points to couples who can have a good laugh at themselves having a better shot at longevity than their sourpuss counterparts. And honestly, if you’re not at least cracking a smile at this, you might be broken:

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Some people clearly aren’t in on the joke. They’re a rare bunch, but they can be found missing the point all up and down May’s Dudeoir posts, criticizing everything from her technique to her willingness to — God forbid — work with and allow herself to be someone for whom everything mustn’t be absolutely serious and sacred.

Boudoir and Dudeoir both come down to sex and sexuality eventually — wanting it, sharing it, alluding to it or finding empowerment in it. But even if you do think sex is sacred, you have to admit that it’s also freaking hilarious. The sounds, the weird things you say in the heat of the moment, the struggle to get your socks off… and yes, even the come-hither eyes.

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