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Cat Store Café in Hong Kong will fulfill all your feline fantasies

There are many cat-themed places around the world, but we may have found the place that all cat lovers dream of: Hong Kong’s Cat Store Café.

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The cat café, which is simply called Cat Store Café, is located in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Catster writer Louise Hung experienced this place firsthand, and while she says it was in a “nondescript hallway in a nondescript building,” the inside was quite spectacular.

Behold all the glory of Cat Store Café, ranging from every piece of cat merchandise you could ever imagine to cat-themed snacks and coffee. But what can you expect inside? According to Hung, the main part of the cafe contains several cat beds, a bakery display case and “tidy tables.” She also describes the spot as having the most “café” vibe of all the Asian cat cafés she’s visited.

The store has an unofficial Facebook page where many cat-loving visitors have shared their experiences with their furry friends as well as the café’s drinks and baked goods, including possibly the most delicious cat foam cappuccino we’ve ever seen.

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It also has some resident felines, including Hei Hei.

There’s a plastic membership card that you get, as the store is reportedly a members-only café. The good part is that the membership comes free.

But the thing we love most about this café is the fact that the menu comes with clear instructions on how to pet a cat — with a clear diagram of where they like to be scratched and where you should only rub if you want a nasty gash in your hand.

Of course, there’s a food menu, too, which is filled with wonderful cat-themed creations.

And it’s not just crazy cat ladies who visit this place.

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We don’t think we’ve ever seen anything more puuuuurfect.

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