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The genius way one stylist uses a beauty blender to dye hair

Who knew a little $20 sponge could have so many uses?

The Beauty Blender has long been our go-to for applying concealer and foundation, but some outside-the-box thinkers have found ways to hack it for other uses.

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Case in point: Celebrity hair stylist Jamie Stevens uses the sponge to apply hair dye with a strobing effect.

He starts by cutting the sponge in half and then uses the blunt side to apply streaks of bright color to a model’s hair.

The result — as you can see on Instagram — is an awesomely edgy style that shows off the multicolor dye job.

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Why does it work? It’s simple. “The soft and round edges of the blender means that the applied color blends into the hair so you don’t get random splodges of color,” Jamie Stevens Salon head colorist Tasha Stevens told Cosmopolitan UK.

And it’s flattering for all skin types and highlights natural bone structure.

“The application of contrasting tones, applied sporadically over the existing color, helps to enhance the haircut which in turn brings out the features in the face,” she said.

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