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Why you can’t bring your dogs into my cats’ home

We are a home with cats. For 18 years, we were a home with dogs, but we switched teams 10 years ago. I love dogs and cats, but my home is not suitable for dog visitors because they scare my cats. Think that’s the end of the story? Not so fast.

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Since where I live is a good walking city, merchants and restaurants will put out a bowl of water for dogs walking past or as they wait for their humans. Many restaurants have outside patios that are dog friendly, meaning you can bring your pooch with you to sip or eat. Sometimes there are dogs barking or whimpering or there is a growlfest as you dine alfresco. If it bothers you, I say go inside.

When it comes to my home, I don’t put out a bowl of water for dogs walking past or invite them into my yard. I’ve asked friends and family not to bring their dogs when visiting. Seems pretty clear to me.

Here is the snafu: I have been asked to put my pets away for visitors. Yes, I ask that you don’t bring your dog, but you don’t want my cats roaming their own home while you are visiting? What? Why?

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Reasons I’ve been given for why I should lock up my cats

  1. You’re allergic to cats
  2. You’re afraid of cats
  3. You might be allergic to cats
  4. You have the baby

Things you could do if you object to my cats

  1. Take medication
  2. Don’t pet or interact with the cats
  3. Take medication, just in case
  4. Don’t put the baby on the floor next to the cat

If you expect me to put my cats into a room locked away while you are visiting me in my own house, let’s meet at a Starbucks — or, better yet, your house!

Do you have to put up with cloistering your pets when company comes? How do you handle it? Do you ask first if you can bring your dog? If you are allergic to cats, what do you do? Sound off in comments below.

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