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Women share their ‘If Donald Trump becomes president’ plans

The idea that Donald Trump — the orange spray-tanned mastermind behind The Apprentice — could actually be a viable candidate for president seemed like a joke to many at first. But as Trump continues to pick up delegates, the reality that he just may be the Republican candidate is starting to sink in, and frankly, it’s terrifying. We polled our favorite Raging Feminists to find out what they would do if this feared possibility actually ended up coming true.

What would you do if Trump won the presidency?

Weep.” — Amanda Rose Adams

I’d riot and rally. I would go out of my way to attend protests and demonstrations. I’d feel a call to action to support an uprising against him. I’d feel obligated to be a white person vocal in the opposition against Trump. I would experience a huge lifestyle change and shift my priorities, because I really think his victory would make history. I don’t want to live without knowing I did everything in my power to fight against everything he stands for.” — Danielle C.

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I’d double down on my involvement with state and local politics and encourage everyone to do the same, as well as campaign for solid senators and representatives. A strong Congressional body can thwart even the worst decisions by the executive branch in many instances, and cities and states have the ability to do the most damage control on the ground (including potentially re-enfranchising those who have been barred from participating in elections). But honestly, everyone should be doing that anyway — make sure you vote all the way down the ballot this year!” — Hanna Brooks Olsen

I don’t live in the U.S. anymore, but if I did, I certainly wouldn’t move away just to get out of the Trump-controlled area. Moving to remote corners of Canada and the like are for people with the resources to get away and the skills and connections to get work in their new homes. I would stay and fight — in the legislative halls, the courtrooms and the streets.” — Margaret Corvid

I actually hate it when people say that they’ll leave the country if Trump is elected (and hated it back when people said it about Bush I and II too). First of all, immigration is a difficult, expensive and nearly impossible process unless you have a fair amount of wealth, family who can sponsor you and/or a highly needed profession. And what, we are going to leave one of the most powerful nations in the world in the hands of conservative asshats? No. I’ll stay. I’ll stay, and I’ll keep educating people about prison abolition, systemic racism, Islamaphobia, heterosexism and why it is that candidates like Trump are even a possibility. Because the only thing that we can do is fight back through knowledge and politics.” — Krista Benson

The facetious part of me wants to say I would defect. I think I would make a killer ex-patriot. But honestly? Honestly, if he wins, I will write furious letters to every representative I have to urge them to block anything that he attempts to do to hamper the rights of citizens in this country. Since it’s impossible to tell what his actual policies are, he could move against gay marriage, affordable care, immigration or any other number of things.

I would also spend the entirety of his term in office shouting at the top of my lungs about the importance of local and midterm elections. Because voting in those helps keep men like him out of office.” — Seraphina Ferraro

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If Trump were to win, I honestly have no idea what I would do. To be honest, all the GOP candidates are so awful on reproductive justice, marriage equality, education and the economy, I’d be tempted to find another place to live if any of them were to win — though I know that Trump is uniquely terrifying simply because he’s so unpredictable and appeals to our ugliest Americans. The truth is, though, I’d rather stay and be a thorn in his side than try to move away from a terrible presidency. On a practical level, donations to Planned Parenthood and National Network of Abortion Funds would be one useful way to help women survive a Trump (or Cruz or Rubio) presidency.” — Kate Tuttle

I look forward to attending the reveal event where he admits his campaign and presidency were elaborate pieces of performance art. If that doesn’t happen, I think I might welcome the end of days.” — Allison S.

Marry a Canadian — fast! Any takers? I’m awesome. Promise.” — Shaindel Beers

If Trump becomes president, that is all the more reason to carefully monitor state and federal legislation. As a journalist, I will continue tracking bills, covering public hearings and writing articles and essays to inform readers and remind them that their voice still counts. Even if Trump ends up president, he will not be allowed to do whatever he wants. We must always hold him and other politicians accountable.” — Christine Stoddard


First, I will delete all of my anti-Trump tweets and vow everlasting loyalty to Trump. That way, when President Trump’s secret police show up at my house in the middle of the night, I can be all, ‘Whoa, what? I love Trump. Have you talked to my neighbor, because I really think you have the wrong address.’

Second, I will begin working on a weather-controlling device, because clearly we are all just bit players in some inferior 007 knockoff dime novel, and I really think I can elevate my standing to super villain quickly in this environment.” — Brianne M. Kohl

I’ll be hitting up all my English and Canadian friends who have recently offered to set me up with their single non-American friends. And then I’ll be defecting. In all seriousness, though, I will seriously consider my volunteer capabilities, and I will throw myself back into that kind of thing because GOD KNOWS all civil liberties and services will be in jeopardy.” — Rachael Berkey

I’d probably do what Trump and his supporters exactly want: move to Kenya. Yes, I’d literally be ‘going back’ to Africa.” — Wagatwe Wanjuki

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I’m not American (I live in Ireland), so I don’t have a vote, but if Trump wins, I guess I’ll be opening up my home to various devastated American friends who’ll be hotfooting it outta there. Or helping them move to Canada.” — Stephanie Lord

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