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‘Trumping’ is the new, totally hilarious way to do your face (VIDEO)

Donald Trump has been called many things. A businessman. A tycoon. A billionaire. Now that he wants to be president of the United States, he has also been called something else: an oompa loompa. Because he’s orange. And to get that orange look we all want in our leader, a brave actress named Tess Paras has given us all a gift. It’s the “Trumping” makeup tutorial we never knew we wanted.

Ever wondered how to get a strange orange glow that contrasts so nicely with your white mouth and under-eye circles? Ever wanted to complement an insane flyaway comb-over? Well, now you can.

See below:

OK, so the video is somewhat political. But let’s forget that part. Regardless of your political affiliation, we can all agree that the Donald’s look is odd, indeed. He really is as orange as Willy Wonka’s little friends back in the chocolate factory. Why would you look like that if you could avoid it?

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The fact is, bronzer and fake tanning can be dangerous, indeed. You can look for a sun-kissed glow and end up with a carrot-in-the-sun appearance. It’s not a good look. If you are going to try bronzer, it makes the most sense to do so with a professional makeup artist (whose look you like), who can guide you on the best way to get that beautiful glow without looking like a Cheeto.

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As for Trump, well, he’s got bigger problems than looking like an unhealthy snack food. Let’s just hope his policies — and his looks — stay where they belong: on him and him alone.

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