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10 quotes that exemplify Nancy & Ronald Reagan’s enduring love and commitment

Forget Romeo and Juliet — the saga of Ronald and Nancy Reagan is the great love story of our time. From their whirlwind Hollywood romance to the presidency, and through Reagan’s battle with Alzheimer’s, it was always clear that he and his wife were head over heels in love. And with the recent passing of the beloved former first lady (due to heart failure), we can’t help but look back on a few of the most touching quotes about love and commitment from Mr. and Mrs. Reagan:

1. Life began with Ronald Reagan

“When I say my life began with Ronnie, well, it’s true. It did. I can’t imagine life without him.”

Ronald and Nancy Reagan were a team, but before they joined forces, they were both actors. They had the capability to accomplish great things on their own, but the two admitted that they were always better together.

2. One of many letters from Ronald Reagan

“You should…be aware of how essential you are in this man’s life. By his own admission, he is completely in love with you.”

Being on the road was often a lonely ordeal for Ronald Reagan, who comforted himself by writing his wife adoring letters. His chief goal was to show his wife just how much he loved her.

3. An appreciation for Ronald Reagan’s letters

“Whenever Ronnie went away, I missed him terribly, and when his letters arrived, the whole world stopped so I could read them.”

Nancy Reagan loved her husband’s letters so much, she published the entire collection in 2000. As her husband fell victim to Alzheimer’s, these letters brought her great comfort, just as they had done in earlier years when he was on the road.

4. Cupid had him in a chokehold

“My request of you is: could you on this day whisper in her ear that someone loves her very much and more and more each day.”

A few weeks before their silver anniversary, Ronald Reagan wrote an adorable letter to Cupid. It felt like something a newlywed would write. This letter exemplifies how, as the years went by, he never ceased being loving and playful.

5. An important job

‘My job is being Mrs. Ronald Reagan.”

Nancy Reagan never thought of herself as an actress or as the First Lady. In her opinion, Mrs. Reagan was the best job in the world.

6. A love that grew with time

“The nicest thing a girl ever did for me was when a girl named Nancy married me and brought a warmth and joy to my life that has grown with each passing year.”

Although Ronald and Nancy’s relationship was amazing from the very beginning, it only got better with time, as he made abundantly clear in the above quote.

7. The secret to happiness is love

“Each day is different, and you get up, put one foot in front of the other, and go, and love; just love.”

Life was not easy for Nancy and Ronald Reagan after he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Through this painful period, she was able to remember her commitment to being by his side in sickness and in health.

8. A guy who knew just what to say

“What do you say about someone who’s always there with support and understanding, someone who makes sacrifices so that your life will be easier and more successful? Well, what you say is that you love that person and treasure her.”

True love is about sacrifice, and the Reagans were constantly making huge sacrifices to ensure one another’s well-being. They also made a point of expressing their gratitude whenever possible.

9. Love from beyond the grave

“I go to the library or work for the library all the time, because it’s Ronnie. I’m working for Ronnie.”

Nancy remained committed to her husband and his presidential library long after he passed away.

10. Ronald and Nancy’s greatest treasure

“We haven’t been careless with the treasure that is ours — namely what we are to each other.”

Ronald wanted everybody to know that the greatest treasure was not his successful career or the fortune he amassed. Rather, his greatest treasure was his marriage.

What is your favorite Ronald or Nancy Reagan quote? Comment and share your opinion below.

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