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The best pink lipstick for your skin tone

With spring around the corner, it’s only natural that we’d start lightening up our beauty looks. As sad as we are to say goodbye to those rich plums and berries, it’s time to welcome a new lip shade to the vanity — pink. We’re talking florals, corals, neons and color variations that may not even exist yet. We got the scoop on how best to rock pink lipstick shades. 

Mismatched lip colors might just be the next A-List trend, says celebrity makeup artist Rachel Toldeo of Ray Brown Pro. “I don’t mind seeing a pink lip with a red or purple dress. I saw a lot of mismatching lip colors with dresses at the Oscars. A pretty pink pout should match the girl, not the outfit.”

So don’t worry about working too hard at matching. Shawn Fisher, JAPONESQUE National Makeup Artist says the key is coordination. “It’s about making the color coordinate to pop the overall look, but not overdoing it with too much matching,” he says.

Choose your shade

It’s like the old saying: Know the rules before you can experiment. The key, according to Fisher, is finding the right shade for your skin tone.

Fair skin

For Fair skin
Image: Getty Images, JAPONESQUE

Fisher suggests a blue-toned pink with cool undertones like JAPONESQUE Pro Performance in Shade 02.

Olive and medium skin

Olive and medium skin
Image: Getty images, Sephora

Peachy pinks that have orange or coral undertones will bring out the golden shades in your skin. Try Sephora Pantone Universe lipstick in rose quartz if you want something pink-pink but we like Buxom Full Bodied in Fiery Coral if you want to tip the shade into reds.

For dark skin

For dark skin
Image: Getty Images, Sephora

Stick with rich pinks with purple and berry undertones. Try Urban Decay Revolution in Jilted.

Any skin tone can kick it up a notch

Estee Lauder Neon Azalea/ Mac barely there
Image: Sephora, MAC Cosmetics

Let your lip look define the rest of your makeup! Rocking a showstopping shade like Estee Lauder Neon Azalea (top left)? Keep the rest of the makeup minimal, says Fisher.

If you’re rocking a statement shade, “skip a lot of eyeshadow and load up on eyeliner and mascara,” says Fisher. If you’re going big with a smoky eye, choose a sheer pink like this famous MAC’s hue (top right).

Conceited by Younique and Tom Ford Flamingo
Image: Younique, Tom Ford

“Brighter pinks are a bold fashion accessory,” says Toldeo. Just like fashion accessories, they’re one of the most fun parts of any outfit. For a classic peony pink, Toledo recommends Conceited by Younique. Ready for the next level? Try Tom Ford Flamingo, a Miami coral pink that looks great with a tan. Most importantly, any statement lip works when you feel confident in it. Purple lipgloss may or may not match my skin tone perfectly, but I love wearing it way too much. My recommendation? Find the shade that makes you feel most like you, and wear it all spring long.

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