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Ragdoll cat gives grooming tips for fellow felines (VIDEO)

The one thing cats seem to do exceptionally well (besides sleep) is groom themselves. My cats do it at least five times a day, in various, hilarious positions.

However, every so often they miss a spot (usually on their lower back toward their tail), and then that spot starts to smell a little stinky. It’s not for lack of trying. I see them make several attempts to reach it, but alas, to no avail. What they really need is a grooming tutorial from a cat who has some serious grooming experience.

Fortunately a gorgeous ragdoll named Timo decided to make one for all those cats out there who might be finding it difficult to groom every inch of themselves. As a ragdoll, he has exceptionally long hair, so he has to be diligent about preening all of it; otherwise it would turn into one big, ratted mess. So thanks to him (and his camera-savvy human), here are some easy-to-follow grooming steps to help your cat get it right the first time.

1. Dampen fur

Dampen fur
Image: Xiedubbel/YouTube

To start, you want to make sure your fur is nice and damp. If your tongue’s not doing the job, run yourself under a faucet.

2. Start with the ears

Image: Xiedubbel/YouTube

We all know ears can get gross, so use those paws to flip them inside out so you can really get in there!

3. Clean your feet

Clean feet
Image: Xiedubbel/YouTube

You walk everywhere on those things! You should definitely bite and suck out any and all debris you find on them, and of course, don’t miss in between your toes.

4. Don’t forget the tail!

Clean tail
Image: Xiedubbel/YouTube

The tail is where most of those dust bunnies like to hide, so make sure you really mat the whole thing down with lengthy tongue licks.

5. Accept help

Image: Xiedubbel/YouTube

Sometimes even the best of us need a helping hand to finish the job. Your owner should have a bristly brush to help get those hard-to-reach places.

6. Floss

Image: Xiedubbel/YouTube

You should never neglect your teeth and gums, or your owner will send you to the vet for painful dental work. The easy — and might I add fun — alternative to this is to find your favorite cardboard box and go to town on it!

7. Remember the undercarriage

Image: Xiedubbel/YouTube

… You get it.

And there you have the highlights of Timo’s grooming tutorial. If you’re not a grooming master by now, you should check out his more comprehensive how-to video. And maybe stop rolling around in your human’s dirty laundry.

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