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Why your next business should be a community

My mother was the queen of the side hustle. From daycare to laundry delivery for the elderly, French braiding for hire and then taxes (of all things), she was constantly on the hunt to add to my father’s modest world history teacher salary.

Today, the opportunities for side hustles are more interesting, lucrative and — dare I say — fun. The Internet, and now social media and mobile, have changed the game. From selling collectibles on eBay to multi-level marketing companies like Stella & Dot or Chloe + Isabel to launching a store on Shopify, the opportunities to combine what you love to do with generating income have never had more potential.

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I want to add another novel social media side hustle to the mix: community building.

It’s never been easier to create a community on mobile that brings together people in your network and slightly beyond it around a common curiosity, interest, speciality, profession, condition, diagnosis, stage of life or passion, and create a business doing it.

Image: Mightybell

Whether you bring together other parents with special needs children or women like you re-entering the workforce, all you need is a great idea and a handful of early members to create a community that needs to exist in the world. Then, as you explore holding events online or in the real world, you can start to build your side hustle.You have everything you need right now to launch a community that should exist in the world.

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You don’t need to know how to code.

You don’t need capital to get started.

What you are creating will make your life and those who wouldn’t otherwise meet that much more rich and meaningful.

It’s a quantum leap forward from French braiding or Tupperware — using the skills you take for granted today on text, Facebook and Instagram to bring to life a new conversation that is unique and meaningful to you.

It’s an exciting moment — and the possibilities are unlimited.

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Gina Bianchini is a social media expert and the founder of Mightybell, a service where community entrepreneurs have everything they need in one place to create a community and a business on mobile.

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