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Supreme Court’s 3 female justices attack abortion restrictions & more news

It’s Thursday! Only one day until the weekend, so start making all your fun plans. But first wake up with these news headlines. 

1. Or was she? Stay tuned.

The four remaining Republicans in the presidential race — Ben Carson dropped out yesterday — are meeting on the debate stage again this evening. Megyn Kelly, with whom Donald Trump famously sparred last year, will be one of the debate’s moderators. Kelly said the first debate was contentious because they had opened with a level “10” question for each candidate, but that they might ease into the tough questions a little more slowly this time around. She alluded to questioning Trump on his famously small fingers, but alas, she was joking. — The New York Times

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2. Three whole women

The Supreme Court heard arguments in Whole Woman’s Health v Hellerstedt yesterday, the first major abortion case to be argued before the court in a decade and one that has the potential to shut most abortion clinics in Texas. The three female justices leapt in with both feet, rattling the Texas solicitor general with their tough questions and in general defying Chief Justice Roberts as he tried to maintain control of the courtroom. Their frustration with their conservative male colleagues was palpable. A 4-4 split, if it comes to that, means the lower court decision will stand and the clinics will close. — Slate

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3. High flying

A titan of the fracking industry who was indicted on Tuesday has died in a car accident. Aubrey McClendon, founder and former CEO of Chesapeake Energy, died Tuesday after the car he was driving hit a wall at high speed. McClendon, who had founded Chesapeake in 1989, built the Fortune 500 company relatively quickly via hydraulic fracking, which extracts large quantities of oil and gas relatively quickly. McClendon had been indicted on federal charges that he conspired to rig leases and was due in court the day he died. — Slate

4. No public option, natch

Move over, Hillary and Bernie, Donald Trump‘s getting in on health care reform: The Republican presidential front-runner released his health care plan yesterday. Repealing Obamacare is tops on the list; he also calls for making health insurance payments fully tax deductible and for eliminating regulations that prohibit the sale of health insurance across state lines. Trump would also eliminate the individual mandate, which he supported as recently as two weeks ago. — CNN

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5. Indeed

Cardinal George Pell, a senior Vatican official, said yesterday that he “should have done more” to protect children from predatory Catholic priests. Pell, who was giving evidence to Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse, said that a boy had told him in the mid-1970s that a priest was “misbehaving” with boys, and that he didn’t act on that information. Australia is investigating hundreds of cases from the 1950s and ’60s involving abuse of children by clergy. — NBC News

6. Hoping for answers

An American “adventurer” has found a piece of a plane that is believed to be part of missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370, which disappeared in 2014. The piece of wreckage, which was found off the coast of Mozambique, is part of a horizontal stabilizer skin, which is part of an aircraft’s tail. A U.S. official has said that the piece of debris is likely from the missing flight; the Malaysian transport minister said it was very possible it came from a Boeing 777. The families of the missing passengers are not getting their hopes up that this could solve the mystery of their lost family members. — CNN

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