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4 reasons vintage shopping is the best way to find clothes

Mandana Dayani

I’ve been shopping vintage since college, when every Saturday I would visit Shareen Vintage in downtown Los Angeles and pore over mod dresses, leather jackets and anything Courrèges. I couldn’t wait to see what Shareen discovered every week. At the time, I was sharing an apartment with two roommates, and I volunteered to take the smallest bedroom (please picture the smallest room you have ever seen) so I could also have the dining room in exchange. I spent weeks transforming that dining room into a full-fledged walk-in closet to house my expanding collection of fashion, accessories and other vintage finds.

If you’re just starting to explore the thrill of vintage shopping, get ready to make some extra room in your home! Here are a few reasons you are going to fall in love with it.

1. Budget friendly

One reason I was so excited about shopping vintage dealers, thrift stores and estate sales was the incredible deals I was able to find. I remember my first vintage Hermès blouse: I found it for $60 at an estate sale, and I still have it! What’s more, designer vintage items often retain most of their value, so you can even consider them investments.

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2. Timeless pieces

Vintage items are truly timeless. I discovered some of my favorite pieces of 1960s jewelry and evening dresses at boutiques years ago and still wear them today. I’ve even furnished most of my home with incredible vintage finds — everything from desk accessories and armchairs to tableware and lighting. These items aren’t trendy, so they never feel outdated or out of season shortly after you purchase them.

3. The story

What’s especially inspiring about shopping vintage is the story behind each item. I’ve studied the history of fashion and interior designers, so being able to reference an item in the context of iconic people, places, events and muses makes it that much more compelling.

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4. Unique items

I love knowing that the items I buy are one of a kind! There is something so cool about discovering an unexpected piece and repurposing or reinventing it. One of the best pieces of advice I received from a friend was, “If you love it, buy it. You may never find it again.” 

I never imagined that my obsession with collecting vintage would lead me to where I am today. As chief brand officer at Everything but the House (, I get to discover incredible one-of-a-kind items from estate sales across the country every day. So whether you’re just starting to discover vintage or you’ve been thrifting for years, I can’t wait to share this incredible journey with you.

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