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13 ways to make your patio as comfy as your living room

Many homeowners dream of an outdoor space that’s comfy enough for entertaining.

If done right, your patio can double your entertaining space during the warmer months of the year. And you don’t even need a ton of space or money to make it happen.

Take a cue from these homeowners, and make your patio a place that you — and your guests — can enjoy all summer long.

1. Pergola

Some lucky folks may have a skylight in their living room, but nothing beats the comfort of natural sunlight. Cushioned furniture under a pergola is an easy way to bring all the comforts of your house into your outdoor space.

2. Seating wall

OK, a stone wall may not look as comfy as a couch at first, but add some extra-fluffy pillows, and it becomes an inviting place for guests to take a load off and enjoy the fresh air.

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3. Outdoor bar

This outdoor bar provides a great spot to eat or just relax with a drink. And the best part? No need to walk inside with dirty shoes — this kitchen has all the comforts of home, and your carpets will remain spotless.

4. Hammock

Every backyard needs a spot for napping, right? Hammocks are always handy, but hanging one under a small pergola, like this, gives added shade and makes the whole thing a lot more classy.

5. Outdoor fireplace

Picture the word “cozy” in your mind, and there is a good chance you’re picturing a fireplace. An outdoor fireplace surrounded by gorgeous fall foliage? So much more comfy than a living room.

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6. Hanging lights

Lighting is the ultimate mood setter and one of the simplest ways to bring the indoors outside. Hanging just a few light fixtures from your large pergola or patio cover can maximize the coziness of your backyard.

7. Soft seating

It’s hard to believe these supersoft seats are made for outdoors. This ultra-comfy seating choice ensures your patio furniture is even more comfy than your couch.

8. Traditional fire pit

No need to take the party inside after dark when you have a gorgeous fire pit for guests to gather around.

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9. Horizontal fire pit

Our patios aren’t always as spacious as our living rooms, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be just as comfortable. If you want to make your small outdoor space flow more smoothly, try replacing a round fire pit with a horizontal one.

10. Multiple seating areas

When you’re restricted to entertaining indoors, it can get cramped and uncomfortable really quick. Adding multiple seating areas to your outdoor space will give guests more than one area to gather and ensure everyone is comfortable.

11. Lounge chairs

Your living room may be cozy, but not as warm and cozy as the summer sun. Lounge chairs on your patio are the perfect place to relax on a warm summer day.

12. Make it private

A privacy fence is perfect for patios that are close to neighbors and will make your backyard feel as private as your living room.

13. Shade sail

If you don’t want to commit to building a pergola or roof extension to get some shade, shade sails are an easy way to find some relief from the sun.

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