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Supreme Court hears crucial arguments on abortion case & more news

It’s hump day, which means you just have to get to lunch and you’re on the back half of the week. Kill a few minutes with a cup of coffee and these news headlines. 

1. Yup, everyone’s still here

Super Tuesday, as predicted, was a big win for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, but it wasn’t without surprises. Ted Cruz took his home state of Texas as well as Oklahoma and Alaska; Marco Rubio took Minnesota; and Bernie Sanders took Colorado, Minnesota, Oklahoma and his home state of Vermont. Marco Rubio still believes he has a route to victory via Florida, with its winner-take-all delegate apportionment. But Trump, at the end of the evening, said, “We’re gonna spend a lot of time in Florida.” Oh yeah: Ben Carson and John Kasich are still in the race. — CNN

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2. Protecting women’s health?

Today the Supreme Court will hear an abortion case that has the potential to affect the lives of millions of women. Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt concerns a Texas law that places strict regulations on abortion providers and, if the lower court decision is upheld, would reduce the number of abortion clinics in Texas from about 40 to about 10. Antonin Scalia’s death makes a 4-4 tie more likely, in which case the lower court decision would stand. — The New York Times

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3. One down

An ISIS operative has been captured by a U.S. Special Forces team in Northern Iraq and is being interrogated by the United States. The team was led by the elite Delta Force. Intelligence gained from this first detainee will hopefully lead to ”further targeting.” The wife of a major ISIS figure was captured last year and turned over to Iraqi authorities; the intelligence gained from her led to the formation of the special targeting force. — CNN

4. He’s got a bridge to sell you

Six New Jersey newspapers have called for Chris Christie‘s resignation in the wake of his endorsement of Donald Trump. A New Hampshire newspaper has retracted its endorsement of Christie, which it bestowed going into that state’s primary; Christie’s “kissing the ring” of Trump compelled the paper to write “boy, were we wrong.” The Jersey papers have evidently noticed that Christie was out of the state campaigning for 261 days last year and continues to be AWOL as he hits the stump for Trump. Christie said he isn’t aiming for a position in a Trump administration. If you believe that… — NBC News

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5. Hasn’t he had enough floating?

Astronaut Scott Kelly is home after almost a year in space. Kelly has been in the International Space Station for 340 days and now holds the American record for most days any astronaut has spent in space: 520 days. NASA doctors will be examining him closely, comparing him with his twin brother, to determine what the effects are of such a long time in zero gravity. Kelly says the first thing he wants to do is jump in his pool. — NBC News

6. Not sure if we’re crying or laughing

Speaking of Chris Christie, as long as he’s shot his credibility all to hell, let’s have a good laugh. The Internet had a lot of fun last night tweeting “Oh God what have I done” Chris Christie photos and jokes about the New Jersey governor’s recent support for The Donald. (A Slate headline, in fact, read “Chris Christie Introduces Donald Trump, in What Appears to Be a Hostage Situation.”) Our favorite? The moment 12 (12!) years from now when President Trump has to deal with incoming nukes and Secretary Christie maybe has a flicker of regret about that long-ago endorsement. — Slate

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