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‘Seeing Eye’ goat protects his blind best friend (VIDEO)

Get ready to lose yourself in “awwwws.” There’s a new irresistibly cute animal friendship on the horizon that’s made all the more sweet by what one furry friend does for the other.

Marcia and Maurice are two goats who became fast friends the second Maurice heard Marcia crying. Marcia was born blind, and as such, she’s always had a harder time doing everyday goat things. If it wasn’t for the caring staff at Farm Sanctuary, a not-for-profit animal rescue organization that operates in California and New York, she never would’ve made it. Thanks to their love and support, she’s doing just fine, however because of her disability, she needs more attention than her fellow farm friends do. Her condition makes her lonely, and as a result, she often cries and runs around frantically in circles.

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Marcia the goat
Image: Farm Sanctuary/YouTube

Enter Maurice the goat. Maurice was another young goat who needed rescuing, and the staff thought the two just might hit it off. However, nothing could’ve prepared them for the sudden affection the two would feel for each other. Here’s the sweetest “meet cute” story you’ve ever heard.

“As soon as we brought Maurice into the treatment area where Marcia was being housed, he heard her crying. His ears perked up and he called back to her. Marcia froze — seemingly in disbelief at what she had heard. Then the floodgates opened and these two would not stop calling to each other and crying for one another,” the staff wrote on their website.

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Marcia and Maurice
Image: Farm Sanctuary/YouTube

The only comparably moving first meeting I can think of is between Jack and Rose in Titanic. While the organization normally keeps new arrivals separated for the first little bit, they decided to make an exception in this case. Once the two crying goats were together, that was it. They were hooked for good. Now they spend every moment of the day and night together, and Maurice does everything he can to look out for Marcia and keep her safe. He is her self-appointed Seeing Eye goat and couldn’t be happier about his new position. Now Marcia no longer cries or runs around in circles, because she always knows Maurice will be there to guide her. Cue the exalting epic love story music!

Goat love
Image: Farm Sanctuary/YouTube

This is just one of many great happy endings Farm Sanctuary has been able to provide wayward animals. However, they can’t do it without the support of caring animal lovers. If you’re able to, please consider donating to Farm Sanctuary so they can help foster more amazing stories like this one.

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