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How to Host an Easter Egg Hunt for Adults

When we were kids, Easter was pretty much synonymous with two things: dyeing eggs and a good Easter egg hunt. But now, as adults, we watch the egg hunt from the sidelines, secretly envious of the kids, nursing a heavy case of FOMO. But we have some great news: Adult Easter egg hunts are a very real thing, my friends.

It’s like hosting brunch for all your friends, but instead of sitting on your patio quietly playing Mysterium (a bomb game, in our opinion), the entertainment includes warm-up games like an egg toss and Frisbee leading into the main attraction: an ultra-competitive, elevated Easter egg hunt.

From decor to the egg hunt rules, we’ve revamped the traditional egg hunt and made one just for grown-ups.

Let the games begin!

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Tulips and roses in mason jar
Image: Maria Dodson Starzyk/Getty Images

Setting the mood for your hunt is the first priority. Skip the pastel bunnies and plastic grass — we’re not entertaining a bunch of kindergartners, right? For easy decor, do a simple tabletop using dyed eggs in clear vases or just dotted around the table. Empty Mason jars make inexpensive, fun vases — especially filled with seasonal spring flowers like tulips and daffodils. Pop a few tea lights around the vases, and you’re good to go.


meat and cheese board
Image: The Picture Pantry/Getty Images

The focus of your adult egg hunt party is the hunt itself, but you can’t throw an event without feeding your guests. Just make sure to keep the food simple since everyone will spend most of their time on the hunt.

Make it buffet-style so your guests can serve themselves. Go for a springy brunch spread and serve a variety of foods so there’s something for everyone. Consider foods like fresh fruits, muffins, quiche, meat and cheese, finger sandwiches and mini waffles. Don’t forget drinks like OJ, coffee and water to keep guests hydrated while they’re running around — and everything is more fun with a cocktail or two. Mimosas seem apropos for the event.


young couple playing frisbee
Image: mixetto/Getty Images

We all know egg hunts can go fast, so you’re going to need to come up with some activities to fill the time. Get the party started with a few games you played as a kid. This is a perfect opportunity for your guests to bring out their inner child without worrying about looking silly. Pin the tail on the bunny, egg toss, freeze tag and Frisbee are some games to get the blood flowing for the big hunt.

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The egg hunt

two women holding Easter eggs basket
Image: Neyya/Getty Images

What do you fill eggs with if they’re for adults? Candy works, but we all know a little sugar goes a long way once you hit your 20s. Here’s a list of some non-candy fillers to put in plastic eggs:

  • Costume jewelry
  • Funny fortune slips
  • Nail polish
  • Confetti
  • Movie tickets
  • Lottery tickets
  • Money (like $1 coins/bills)
  • Lip balm/lip gloss/lipstick
  • Tea bags
  • Gum/mints
  • Vouchers for larger prizes

Make a few special eggs that hold bigger prizes. One idea for the grand prize is a coupon for a gift basket filled with goodies.

Make it more competitive

When you host an egg hunt for kiddos, it needs to be easy and very doable. Fortunately, this is not the case with an egg hunt for grown-ups. Say goodbye to the bright-pink eggs in plain sight on the sidewalk. When there are adults on the hunt, make those hidden gems hard to find and hard to get. Make sure every egg is well camouflaged, and put a couple in high or otherwise hard-to-reach places. To make things more competitive, set a time limit or award prizes for the most eggs found.

Once everyone is done egg hunting, celebrate over a slice of cake and some adult beverages. You’ll have a wait-list for your next adult hunt!

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A version of this article was originally published in March 2016.

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