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Now you can make your hair look just like your favorite jeans

Another day, another new hair color trend to obsess over.

The world is beginning to embrace true individuality, meaning that people are now free to rock body hair, bold hair colors, tattoos and piercings without fearing (as much) criticism as in the past.

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This has paved the way for true artistry to emerge, especially in the hair industry. One of our favorites has to be the denim hair color, especially since – like denim – it comes in so many different hues, some dark, some light.

It really just depends on how dark…

Or how light you really want to go.

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The really interesting part of this trend is that many of hair pros use everything but blue hair dye to create the look. Professional stylist Guy Tang made a video of his denim color process and, though it contains a lot of industry jargon, you’ll notice he doesn’t just slap on blue hair dye.
Going blue can be extremely tricky, so it’s best to go to a stylist who can take your color there without ruining your hair.

Or, consider just chalking your hair if you’re not ready to really go blue. This video gives a great step-by-step guide to doing it.

Denim on denim on denim. We can dig it.

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