Donald Trump doesn’t want a border wall with Canada

During the latest Republican debate, Donald Trump dismissed the idea of building a U.S.-Canada border, saying, “We have far less problem with that border than we do with our southern border.”

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Trump was responding to a question by Telemundo journalist María Celeste Arrarás, who questioned his push for a U.S.-Mexico border over a U.S.-Canada border.

Arrarás stated that the Canadian border posed a more significant threat, according to U.S. officials, and then asked, “When it comes to national security and the threat of terrorism, why does Mexico need a wall, and Canada doesn’t?”

Initially commenting on the “massive” length of the border being an issue, Trump then went on to say, “It is not our big problem. Our big problem is not only people coming in, and in many cases the wrong people, it’s the tremendous amount of drugs that are coming in.”

While some think this is good news:

Others are more concerned about the idea of Trump winning the election:

In which case they think a U.S.-Canada border wall is actually called for:

Insisting that Canadians will build their own wall:

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Which could be an issue for Americans trying to flee the country:

But jokes aside, at least now we know where Trump stands:

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