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Makeup guru creates the most beautiful Disney-inspired looks with her hijab

Makeup artist Saraswati, also known as Queen of Luna, is extremely talented and what’s so special about her is the way she expertly combines her skill and her culture to create the most awe-inspiring looks.

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Self-confessed “Supermom [sic]. ComicGeek. Tolkienite. Lycan. Disnerd. Fannibal. Metalhead and Nyctophile,” the Malaysian beauty guru has more than 60,000 fans on Instagram and it’s not surprising, because her recreations of popular Disney characters are pretty mind-blowing.

They include an image of Ariel from The Little Mermaid, which sees her wearing a bright red hijab (a veil that covers the head and chest, worn by some Muslim women after puberty to signify their personal devotion to God).

She makes the most stunning Mulan.

And a pretty convincing Tinkerbell too.

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We’re pretty obsessed with her Queen of Hearts makeup “with a turban style hijab.”

And fans are equally thrilled with the Alice in Wonderland-inspired look.

“Your make up is far better than in the movie! [sic]” cherrycherry5 gushed.

“So incredibly creative,” lujainsbeauty101 shared.

Then there’s Cruella De Vil from the 1961 Disney classic 101 Dalmatians.

Saraswati’s Belle from Beauty and the Beast is on point.

And Aladdin‘s Princess Jasmine is breathtakingly beautiful.

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But perhaps our favourite look of all is Alice in Wonderland’s Alice herself, which sees Saraswati creating Alice’s blonde locks with her yellow hijab.

This look had special importance for the artist herself as she revealed it reminded her of her childhood.

“Here is the final look for my Alice in Wonderland series,” she wrote. “Spent too many [sic] time on styling the hijab lol oh well. Needed to attach the headband on hijab so. I felt a bit up and down when doing this though, reminded me of my childhood. I used to dress up as Alice almost everyday when I was little. Hmph. #Alice.”

Saraswati’s work is truly mesmerising but, more than that, it’s great to see how she has combined the hijab into her creations to give them special meaning to many women around the globe.

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