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Women are sticking pom-poms on their nails for a fun new look

We’ve seen a lot of interesting nail art trends over the years but 2016’s new pom-pom nails may be the best yet. Or, at the very least, the most texturally interesting.

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Pom-pom nails are officially a thing. According to Cosmopolitan, the trend started in South Korea and now women everywhere have decided to stick the fuzzy little balls to their nails in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes for a look that is fun, bright and oh-so fluffy.

The trend has been taking over Instagram and there’s no shortage of creativity.

Start off small with tiny pom-poms at the base of the nail.

If you’re feeling daring then go bright and bold.

Or stick to a single colour — which you can match to the colours of your outfit.

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If a full hand of pom-poms is too daunting then highlight only one finger for a slightly more manageable look.

This look is definitely not dishwasher safe but it is extremely eye-catching.

Going to the bathroom is not going to be easy with these large pom-poms.

And, for the really creative, you can even chop up the pom-poms to make interesting shapes — in this case eyebrows.

Of course the trend is a little fiddly but they’re easy to recreate at home and definitely make for interesting nail art.

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Will you be trying out the pom-pom nail trend? Or is it too much fuss for you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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