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6 dogs recreate some of the Oscars’ biggest fashion looks

The Oscars are just as much about the fashion statements as the awards — you know it’s true. 

Every year, there’s a look or two that’s destined to go down in the books as one of the most memorable red carpet looks ever.

The clever folks over at have recreated some of the looks that made the biggest impressions, and the results are pretty hilarious. So you tell us, who wore it better?

1. Lizzy Gardiner


This now-famous American Express Card dress worn by Australian costume designer Lizzy Gardiner in 1995 served its purpose — she won the Oscar for Best Costume Design that year. We’re not sure where this little pup got his knockoff, but it’s a pretty close match.

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2. Bjork


Bjork was never known for her reserved fashion statements, and the 2001 Oscars were no exception. Her swan dress that year has been labeled by many experts as one of the most iconic dresses of all time. The dachshund’s dress bears a close resemblance — and it can double as a chew toy.

3. Faith Hill


Faith Hill is always gorgeous, but this 2002 red carpet look wasn’t her biggest success. The multicolored Versace dress was a little too bright even for the Oscars. To her credit, she did sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” that night, but over-coordination isn’t really the best excuse. A Saint Bernard, Baeron, wore a close copy, and may have gotten a better reaction from the paparazzi.

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4. Lara Flynn Boyle


Lara Flynn Boyle fancied herself a ballerina during the 2003 Golden Globes. The jury’s still out on whether or not she pulled it off, but we’re pretty sure this dog’s look is a smashing success.

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5. Diane Keaton


If there’s one woman who can always be counted on to pull off a suit, it’s Diane Keaton. This tiny dog did a pretty good job of it too. Is that the exact same hat?

6. Angelina Jolie


Most recently, Angelina Jolie left tongues wagging around the world as she struck this leg-baring pose. This pup gave it a good try, but she just doesn’t have the gams to measure up to Jolie.

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