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10 tiny tomatoes that beat the regular ol’ red ones any day

Violet Jasper

Violet Jasper Tomato
Image: Baker Creek Seeds

Violet Jasper is a true beauty. The fruits are violet-purple with iridescent green streaks. The fruit can weigh one to three ounces. The flavor is mild: no tartness and low acidity. The plants grow vigorously and bear heavily so they will need additional support.

Red Currant

Red Current Tomatoes
Image: Christian Guthier/Flickr

OK, these are red but super cute! Just as the name suggests, they are tiny — the size of currants. Red Currant is a very heavy-yielding, long-season variety that sets enormous clusters of fruit. Their flavor is sweet and tart and very intense. You will get more tomato flavor in these petite babies than in tomatoes 10 times their size.

Chocolate Cherry

Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes
Image: Caroline/Flickr

Just the name alone makes me want to eat it. These tomatoes are about one inch in diameter with a purplish-red color when ripe. They are great for snacking on and add a little sweetness to salads and pastas.

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