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10 tiny tomatoes that beat the regular ol’ red ones any day

Yellow Nugget

Yellow Nugget Tomatoes
Image: Susie’s Farm/Flickr

Among the first to ripen of all cherry tomatoes, Gold Nugget attains rich, sweet flavor when mature. The plants are loaded with 3/4-inch, round golden fruit from early in the season until first frost.

Ivory Pear

Ivory Pear Tomatoes
Image: Baker Creek Seeds

This rare tomato variety doesn’t disappoint. The plant is loaded with pear-shaped tomatoes once it gets going. They are very sweet, low in acid with a slight tang.

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Pink Vernissage

Pink Vernissage Tomato
Image: Baker Creek Seeds

This is a fun tomato with pink fruits with faint green-to-orange stripes. They are good for fresh eating, salads, drying or making sauces. They are very productive over a long season and offer a great tomato flavor in a small package.

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