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12 outdoor activities to make the most of fall

Fall is many people’s favorite time of the year for a reason — and that reason is not (always) pumpkin-flavored everything. 

The weather is perfect for spending time outdoors, especially when you’re taking part in these fun activities.

1. Apple picking

Fall is perfect for baking, especially when you’re using fresh apples. Don’t cheat yourself out of the full fall experience by buying your apples from the grocery store. Hit up your local grocery store and pick them yourself — your baked goods will taste even better, we promise.

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2. Pumpkin patch

Your fall is not complete without the perfect pumpkin (or 10) to decorate your front porch. Hunt down a local pumpkin patch and don’t stop searching until you’ve found your match.

3. Fall hike

The colors of the foliage this time of year are breathtaking, and the pictures you’ve seen on Instagram really don’t do them justice. Find a trail through the woods and see the colors in person.

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4. Take a drive

If hiking isn’t your thing, there’s no reason to miss out on the colors. Take a drive with the windows down, and you’ll still see at the sights and smells of fall.

5. Leaf jumping

What good is a pile of leaves if you can’t jump in it? You probably did this every year when you were little, and the fact that you are now an adult is no reason to stop.

6. Bonfire

Bonfires are a fall must. Friends, family, cuddly sweaters and delicious food, and gathered around a fire. If no one is throwing one you can attend, then host one yourself — your friends will thank you.

7. Go camping

Enjoy the great outdoors as much as you can before the weather turns cold. Plan a camping trip in the fall, when the days are perfect for outdoor activities, and the nights are just cool enough for comfortable sleeping.

8. Go to a football game

Whether you’re into college sports, professional sports, or none of the above, a football game is an essential part of every fall. Grab a team sweatshirt, pack a cooler, and at least visit a tailgate or two.

9. Take a hayride

Most pumpkin patches and fall functions include hayrides. Find one and go on a ride. You’ll instantly feel more like fall once the ride comes to a stop.

10. Go in a corn maze

If you’ve ever been in one of these, you know they can actually be kind of scary sometimes. Gather a few friends you work well with, and see if you can conquer a tough corn maze.

11. Build a scarecrow

Scarecrows are fun to display in the fall, but they’re even more fun to make. Gather all the items you need and build your own one-of-a-kind scarecrow — but do it outside, because scarecrow making can get messy.

12. Visit a farmer’s market

In the fall, farmer’s markets are packed with the last harvest of the season, so it’s a perfect chance to gather up your favorites before they’re gone. If you’re lucky, you’ll even find some baked goods to make from local foods.

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