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8 retro fashion finds that don’t require buying secondhand

The motto of fashion might as well be “save your old jeans.” As trends come full circle, we all have to ask ourselves: Is this one worth visiting a vintage store, or should I just buy from H&M? To save you from digging through the bargain bins at your local secondhand spot, we’ve gathered up our favorite buys from online retailers that are revisiting retro.

1. Hi-rise straight leg jean

Hi-Rise straight leg jean
Image: Jordache

The high-rise, wide-leg cut isn’t just for trouser pants anymore. Get the Farrah Fawcett look without going through your mother’s “high school memories” clothes box (although we recommend doing that, too). (Jordache, $108)

2. Ray Ban Round Flash Lenses

Ray Ban Round Flash Lenses
Image: Ray Ban

Before Kendall Jenner repopularized these lenses, John Lennon started a round frame revolution. (Ray Ban, $170)

3. Multicolored Bandana Scarf

Multicolored Bandana Scarf
Image: Zara

Add a pop of color to your outfit with this festive (and budget-friendly) scarf that you can easily pretend is vintage. (Zara, $13)

4. Ankle cut jeans

Ankle cut jeans
Image: Alexia Chung for AG

This ankle crop is the younger, slimmer sister of the mom jean — which means it’s easier to find a flattering fit. Don’t these seem like a great “first day of spring” pant?” (Alexa Chung for AG, $215)

5. Midi skirt

Midi skirt
Image: ModCloth

This sweet skirt looks straight out of Mad Men, but feel free to wear it to your executive job. (Modcloth, $59)

6. Choker necklace

Choker necklace
Image: Urban Outfitters

Maybe the #1 retro trend of the moment right now is the choker, back from where we buried it in the early 2000s. (Urban Outfitters, $20)

7. Hi-tops

Image: Vans

Our favorite shoe styles are also coming back in new and innovative ways, like this Aloha print on the old-school Vans hi-tops. (Vans, $70)

9. Lapel pins

Lapel Pins
Image: Etsy

No ’80s biker jacket or acid wash jean jacket is complete without your accent pins. Find a pin or patch to match your every personality quirk on Etsy, like this Drake Tears one. (Etsy, $10)

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