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15 things all bird owners know to be true (GIFs)

Unless you’ve owned a bird, few truly understand the rich and dynamic personalities portrayed by our fine feathered friends. Sure, they’re not the easiest to snuggle with and can seldom be potty trained, but birds are like little people. In fact, a few species have the intelligence — and temperament — of a 2-year-old human.

Here are 15 character traits we bird owners know to be true.

1. Birds are social creatures and love to make new friends

parrot dancing
Image: Giphy

This poor little budgie doesn’t understand why his new mate doesn’t want to play.

2. They love affection

Conure affection
Image: Giphy

 “Oh, oh… lower. Lower. Yes, please.”

3. Mornings be like…

Bird running around cup
Image: Giphy

 “Wheeeeeee.” Don’t we all wish we could wake up with as much energy as our feathered friends?

4. They have attachment issues

Sad tweety
Image: Giphy

Being away from one’s best friend is disheartening.

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5. They have to be the center of attention

Parrot attention
Image: Giphy

“You have friends coming over? Let me put on a wild show for them!”

6. After a long day…

bird drinking
Image: Giphy

Happy hour! Just kidding. But seriously — they pretty much throw their own private party when you come home from work.

7. Our lovable little friends cannot stop themselves from defecating, even when they’re resting on your shoulder

Image: Giphy

Fortunately, a bird’s doo-doo is preceded by a short stint of bird-twerking. Be on the lookout!

8. They already know they’re pretty, but that shouldn’t stop you from telling them anyway

Pretty bird
Image: Giphy

They really do love all the special attention.

9. Every item in your house now belongs to them

Bird stealing yogurt
Image: Giphy

That super expensive food item you splurged on at Whole Foods? Your bird is probably eating it right now.

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10. Birds have no problem expressing their anger

Angry bird
Image: Giphy

If they’re mad, they’ll let you know.

11. Sometimes, anything will inspire a random dance session

Dancing bird
Image: Giphy

Maybe that’s just them calling out for attention, but it’s usually at super inconvenient times, like when you have work to get done but your bird is all like, “No, let me distract you with my dance instead!”

12. Birds have a sense of humor

Mean bird
Image: Giphy

They’re always up for some jokes. That little turtle has never moved so fast in its life.

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13. Unlike most pets, or even your young kid, birds don’t need to be asked to take baths

Bird bath
Image: Giphy

No modesty. Anywhere, anytime.

14. Birds love to groom

Cat and bird grooming
Image: Giphy

And not just themselves. Feathers, hair, fur? Doesn’t matter. If it’s out of place, it’s going to get fixed.

15. Sometimes you wonder if your bird will ever shut up

Captain kirk angry
Image: Giphy

Yeah, they’re obnoxiously loud and chatty, but we love them anyway. Our homes would feel so lonely without their constant squawking.

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