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People slam owner who dresses cat up in fancy costumes

We love cats, and there is no denying that they do look adorable in a little jersey or a pirate costume, but where should owners with a dressing-up box draw the line?

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These are photos of a beautiful grey kitty named Pitzush, otherwise known as Puss In Glam, that have been uploaded to social media showing the cat wearing dresses, wigs and even eyelashes.

While Pitzush looks as though she now lives a life of luxury and has an Instagram page with over 10,000 fans, her start to life was not a pleasant one, because according to a Bored Panda article, she was found starving, ill and near death when she was just a kitten.

Luckily her loving owners nursed her back to health, and she is now “a fashion ‘meowdel’, enjoying my good life.” But not everyone agrees, and Pitzush’s owner has been taking heat for the costumes that she dresses her up in after her pictures were shared on the A different type of Art Facebook page, with many sharing the view that cats should not be dressed up and that doing so is “disgusting”.

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“This is not something a cat should be doing. It should be free and not dressed up by humans to portray in fancy photos. Disgusting!” Lisa Rahmani wrote.

“I agree”, Petra Jankovic wrote. “Whats with the fake eyelashes? Are people that sick?”

“A new level of dressing up pets in weird little costumes”, Ilse Wu shared. And commenter Sara Jakubowicz simply wrote, “Disgusting!”

Commenter Christine Mitsou Coté also weighed in on the pictures, writing, “I agree with you…But if the cat would not like it, it would be impossible to take a single picture!”

She makes a good point — Pitzush does look happy enough to pose for photos, and perhaps the eyelashes are digitally added? If you have a cat, you’ll know it’s near impossible to make them do anything they’re not happy about. There are certainly plenty of people who have readily defended the owner.

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“This cat seems totally happy and well loved”, Kristin Rastella wrote. While Viorel Stanescu asked, “The cat doesn’t mind, why should you?”

At what stage does cute cross the line and become cruel? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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