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Cat travels across Europe to be reunited with his lost family (WATCH)

Pets are an important part of many families, and this powerful video of a family being reunited with their beloved cat is proof of the comfort and endless love we can get from animals.

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A video created by The Guardian tells the story of a family of six (a mother and her five children) who fled war-torn Iraq for the safety of Europe, but on the way their beloved pet cat, Kunkush, was separated from them.

The family left Iraq and reached the Greek island of Lesbos in November 2015, but during the commotion as the family tried to come to shore, Kunkush was separated from his owners. The family spent days trying to locate their missing pet in Lesbos but eventually had to end their search and move on to their new home.

However, volunteers managed to find the missing cat in a nearby village, and he was then taken to a vet and nicknamed Dias (the modern Greek word for Zeus).

According to BuzzFeed, volunteer Ashley Anderson and her two friends Amy Shrodes and Michelle Nhin launched a campaign to try to have Kunkush returned to his family. There was even a Facebook page set up in his honour called Reunite Dias.

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After two months, Amy took Kunkush with her to Berlin, Germany, and began searching for his family (as no one knew the location of their new home). But the international search proved fruitful when news came in from Norway this month, and Kunkush was finally able to be returned to his owners.

And the moment when the fluffy white feline is reunited with his owners is bound to make you cry.

This tender moment shared between owner and pet has moved many, as shown by the comments on the video.

“How wonderful are all the people involved in reuniting this cat with it’s family who had already lost so much. You guys rock!” Lisa Harland wrote.

Cindy Glanvill also weighed in on the video, writing, “This is an amazing story. Sent goosebumps up my legs and brought a tear to my eyes. I feel the same about my girls… Some may think it is just a cat… It is more than that… Its family and family needs to stay together”.

It’s a beautiful, thought-provoking story.

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