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Cobra braid ponytails are the hair trend to master for spring

Looking for a new way to funk up your basic ponytail look? The amazing stylists at Aveda have you covered with this new, simpler take on the cobra braid. 

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If you’ve ever done lanyard, you probably already have a good idea of what this looks like. It’s essentially just a fancy knot with a thicker middle that looks strikingly like the body of the cobra snake. I’ll explain in detail how you can easily create the style yourself, but first, here are some up-close shots of Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week models sporting the look.

Fun fact: This look was created for the designer Leanne Marshall’s Fall 2016 show, who also happens to be the woman designing my wedding dress. While it might look a little intense, it’s actually a super simple hairstyle that pretty much anyone who’s ever braided hair can achieve. Here are the basic steps in video form if you want to try it yourself. If you’re not a visual learner:

  1. Part your hair down the middle, and split it into 3 sections, making the middle one slightly bigger.
  2. Put that middle section into a ponytail, preferably using a clear, thick band.
  3. Start the braid by taking the left section and crossing it over the middle ponytail section like you’re making a “4.” Thread that left same section under the right section.
  4. Bring that right section under the middle ponytail and left section (which is now on the right), and through the hole that you made when first crossing the left section over the middle ponytail.
  5. Now bring that original left section (which is now on the right) back over in the same “4” pattern and under the right section that you had previously pulled over to that side.
  6. Take that right piece and thread it back under and through the hole that was made by the “4” pattern on the right side.
  7. Repeat once more for a more cobra-y look, and secure with bobby pins.

Not too hard, right? Here’s a diagram to reference if the instructions are difficult to visualize.

If only my hair were a little longer, I’d totally rock this. It looks like it works best on long, straight hair, but I’d be very curious to see how it stands out on curly locks. So if you’re planning a night out and want to get a little crazy in the hair department, give this little cobra braid a try and see if your friends notice.

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