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3 ways for ladies to fall in formation like Beyoncé

What in the world is a feminist? Some say it’s about equal rights for men and women. Or it’s a white woman’s privilege. Beyoncé has been taking the reins lately as both an activist and feminist. Seen that “Formation” video? Some love it, some not so much. In the name of keeping the discussion going, I have created this handy three-point list of ways you can fall in female formation if you choose. Like Beyoncé. Or Jennifer Lawrence. Or Malala. Or Michelle Obama. If that’s your cup of tea. Or coffee. Or wine. But I digress…

1. Express yourself

Image: SheKnows

Make yourself heard. Your voice deserves an audience. With all the tools available in social media, not trying, staying mute, is just so not okay. Okay?

We created a whole contest called #TheFWord that allows you to share your video about what feminism means to you. And guess what? You could win a package worth $5,000, including $4,000 in cold, hard cash. Enter for your opportunity!

2. Do something nice for yourself

Beyoncé formation
Image: Beyoncé /YouTube

Feminist or not, we all need to put ourselves on the list. Women take care of so many other people (fellas who are down with really putting in that help, we will shout you, too!) — their needs, their wants, and we often leave ourselves last. Um, NOPE to being last today. Eat a cookie. Take a bubble bath. Read something trashy. Meditate. Sing your song off-key. Go to a museum. Wear heels for no damn reason. The thing that makes you smile? Do THAT! Channel your inner Beyoncé.

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3. Be yourself — period

There will always be people who say you’re TOO. Too loud. Too quirky. Too smart. Too driven. Too circle in a square peg. And that’s okay. Because you are also too, well, you to be them. If you’re not true to yourself, you’re a stranger to yourself. And who needs that?

A dear friend has told me more than once, “Stop worrying. It’s just borrowing trouble.” And wow, is she right! You’ll find your tribe, your people. As long as you’re questioning and listening for answers, you’re on the best track on which you can be, until new questions demand new answers. Get it? Do you, boo? You’re enough.

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