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10 colorful vegetables to plant for a rainbow-hued garden

8. Pumpkins

There’s more to the winter squash family than orange pumpkins. Squash and gourds come in so many wonderful arrays of color combos, shapes and textures. Pumpkins are the most beloved of the winter squash variety. Try some of the unique types in your garden this year, like these blue pumpkins.

Blue Pumpkins
Image: Catherine/Flickr

Very few plants are blue in color. The blue boy pumpkin, also known as Australian Blue or Jarrahdale, are more of a grayish or slate blue color. They feature a classic “Cinderella” pumpkin shape with a sweet orange flesh. Some other fun pumpkin varieties include: Kobucha, Casper and Tiger.

9. Potatoes

Just like winter squash, potatoes (sweet and regular) are available in many different colors and shapes.

Adirondack Blue Potatoes
Image: Abingdon Farmers Market/Flickr

Blue potatoes are more of a deep purple in color with a purple flesh. The cool thing about these potatoes is that they hold their pretty color when cooked. As with most vegetables and fruit with deep colors, blue potatoes are high in antioxidants. Here are some other pretty potatoes to consider: Yellow Fin, Purple Peruvian and Cranberry Red.

10. Swiss chard

Swiss chard is the same species as beets but only grown for its leaves rather than the roots. The foliage is gorgeous and delicious, and the stalks come in a rainbow of colors.

Multi-color Chard
Image: Dave Fisher/Flickr

Swiss chard is available in white, yellow and reds (pink). They are easy to grow and do well in cool weather. Plant these babies in your fall and early spring garden for a pop of color.

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