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10 colorful vegetables to plant for a rainbow-hued garden

5. Corn

We all love fresh, sweet ears of yellow corn at a summer BBQ. However, popcorn and varieties grown for cornmeal are available in a plethora of fun colors, like this glass gem corn.

glass gem corn
Image: Baker Creek Seeds

Glass gem corn is an heirloom popcorn with hues of palettes of blue, pink and green. You can get ornamental and “meal” corn in reds, blacks and multicolor combos.

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6. Beans

Beans are available in many colors, patterns and sizes. Whether it’s snap, shelled or dried beans, there’s a color and pattern to meet your tastes.

Hyacinth Bean
Image: Doug McAbee/Flickr

Hyacinth beans are a triple threat: Beautiful pods, foliage and flowers can be in full display at the same time. Some other pretty legumes to consider are Dragon Tongue bush beans, Purple Pod pole bean and Rouge von Paris bean.

7. Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes have been popular in the gardening world forever. More and more non-red varieties are making their way into grocery store produce departments. There are still hundreds that are only available through seeds and planting them on your own.

Green Zebra Tomatoes
Image: Cuesa/Flickr

A green tomato doesn’t always mean that it’s unripe. This tomato variety has beautiful chartreuse skin with deep lime-green stripes. Its flesh is a brilliant green too. Some other fun varieties of striped tomatoes include pink berkeley tie dye, cosmic eclipse and copia

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