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Scientists are tweeting pictures of wild animals’ bums

Have you ever tried to snap a picture of a gorgeous animal out in the wild?  It’s not always easy. Nine times out of 10, that shot turns out blurry or you end up with a random animal booty pic because the sneaky critter decided to turn and run away just as you were about to snag a breathtaking photo. 

Well, no need to keep those accidental butt photos hidden any longer. Scientists and animal lovers from across the world are now sharing their favorite rear end photos on Twitter with the hashtag #WildBum.  

It all started on Feb. 11 with one tweet of a musk duck bum.

Then animal bums started popping up all over twitter.

Some were cute and fuzzy.

Others were dry and scaly.

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How was this bootylicious shot even taken?! Hopefully with a really good zoom lens.

This birdie doesn’t look too thrilled to be having its brightly colored tail feathers photographed.

One scientist waited her entire Twitter life to be able to share this magnificent wild bum shot.

This sassy little chipmunk booty…

… inspired some pretty impressive fan art.

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Some photos got a little too up close and personal.

But this little zebra booty had everyone ooing and awwing.

Little baby ducky bums. What could possibly be cuter?

And this one came with some pretty solid advice.

If you have any share-worthy wild animal booty shots, be sure to tweet them out with the hashtag #WildBum.

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