Teenager films experiment with faulty tampon — and the results are shocking

Once a month, religiously, British women are lucky enough to spend their hard-earned money on luxury items like tampons and sanitary pads. Yeah, except we’re not lucky at all, especially when they don’t even work.

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Teenager Lauren Richardson had a particularly bad experience with one of these luxury items when her mum purchased a box of Florette applicator tampons for her from the local Aldi supermarket for 85 pence.

Richardson claims to have worn the tampon for only a few minutes before trying to remove it, as it was hurting her, but during the removal process, the tampon ripped in half — while still inside her, The Sun reports.

Shocked by what had happened, Richardson decided to do a test with a few other tampons from the box, and she filmed the results in a video uploaded to Facebook. The video has since been deleted, but it showed how Richardson left the tampons to soak in water in a glass container for five minutes, after which she noticed that the tampons had completely fallen apart, something she described as “shameful”.

“If you’re shopping at Aldi, whatever you do, do not buy these”, she warns, adding, “They’re probably extremely bad for your health as well”.

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Richardson also revealed that she thinks the products need to be recalled, as they could potentially be very dangerous.

“I can’t believe how bad these tampons are — when I discovered it I was really shocked”, she said, as reported in The Mirror. “I could have been at risk of getting toxic shock syndrome, and people die of that.

“Imagine if someone bought these thinking they would save a bit of money and could be using them right now, not knowing how dangerous they are — it’s terrible”, she continued. “I don’t want people to buy them and I don’t think Aldi should be selling them — they should be recalled”.

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Aldi has responded to the claims about the tampons with a statement about how the incident was being investigated “as a matter of urgency”, insisting that all its feminine hygiene products are “tested rigorously” before going on sale.


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