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Restaurant sparks outrage for serving ‘dog and cat meat’

There’s a restaurant causing controversy because it allegedly serves up dog and cat meat but the reaction to La Table Suisse could actually start an important conversation about Western society.

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A YouTube video has been shared for La Table Suisse along with the caption “Portrait of our restaurant ‘La Table Suisse’, the first restaurant in Europe that serves traditional Swiss menus with cat and dog meat.” In the video you can see the “chef” Moritz Brunner speak about his passion for cooking and how he likes to serve traditional Swiss dishes that include dog and cat.

“In Switzerland it is legal to eat dogs and cats as long as they’re yours,” Brunner states.

Another line from him is, “I often wonder why so many people are against eating cats and dogs.”

It’s caught the attention of a lot of animal rights activists. There is a petition on titled “Stop cat and dog meat served at the restaurant La Table Suisse, [sic]” which has received 1,362 signatures so far, and PETA shared the post on its Facebook page.

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There’s been some speculation about whether this restaurant is real. What it could be doing is making a clever statement about the double standards set by society when it comes to domestic animals versus farmyard animals. There would be little to no outcry were it a standard restaurant serving up beef, pork, lamb or chicken.

The Metro notes that the restaurant has little social media presence, no phone number or address and there is no information on the chef Brunner, which could mean that the restaurant does not actually exist.

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Vegan Facebook page Brain on Hugs seems to confirm this.

“When non-vegans believe others are eating animals whose flesh and fluids are arbitrarily taboo to consume in our culture, like cats and dogs, they behave JUST LIKE VEGANS: outraged, saddened, begging others to have mercy on innocent sentient individuals. The general reaction to this video proves it,” the post reads.

What do you think? Brilliant satire or a real restaurant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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