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Hillary and Bernie take the gloves off & more news

TGIF! Nobody gets much done on Fridays anyway, so wake up slowly with these news headlines. 

1. Duking it out in Nevada

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders took the stage last night in their first debate since Sanders trounced Clinton in the New Hampshire primary. Clinton came out swinging, hitting Sanders with his lack of foreign policy experience and questioning the feasibility and costs of his sweeping government programs. Sanders insisted that under his proposals, Americans would come out ahead. We’ll see which Dem comes out ahead in the Nevada caucuses and the South Carolina primary. — The New York Times

2. Be skeptical

The chief of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, stated yesterday that Republicans asked Tehran to delay the release of four American prisoners until after the presidential election in November — so that the Repubs (if they win the election) would get credit for the release. Gawker rightly notes that there are many reasons to be skeptical of this claim, and the idea that the GOP would arrange to keep their own countrymen in Iran 11 months longer than they need to be is pretty unlikely. But American Republicans making a secret deal with Iran has happened before, so there’s that. — Gawker

3. Cross your fingers

American and Russian officials have announced a plan that would result in a ceasefire in Syria and a new wave of much-needed humanitarian aid. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart said that critical aid would be delivered to besieged cities over the next few days, with a “cessation of hostilities” following quickly. The announcement marks the first moment of hope since 2011, though it’s far from guaranteed that either the relief effort or the cease fire will actually happen. — The New York Times

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4. A mother’s grief

The mother of one of the Columbine shooters is giving her first TV interview since the 1999 massacre in Colorado. Sue Klebold, mother of Dylan Klebold, talked to Diane Sawyer in an interview that is airing tonight about her failure to spot signs of psychological deterioration in her son. She is publishing a book about the experience called A Mother’s Reckoning, the profits of which she is donating to children’s mental health charities. — CNN

5. Busted

Well, if you’re in prison in Georgia, you won’t have had any trouble getting your hands on drugs — at least until this morning, that is. The FBI just arrested 46 Georgia corrections officers as part of a drug-trafficking ring in nine of the state’s prisons. Further craziness: Five of those arrested were part of an elite team whose mission was to break up drug trafficking in prison. In a touching show of solidarity, the officers and the prisoners were cooperating to smuggle in and use contraband like cell phones. So, who corrects the corrections officers? — CNN

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6. Come together

The Oregon standoff has ended with the last holdout surrendering yesterday morning, and the sheriff whose headache this has been made a heartfelt plea to the country to work out its differences peacefully. “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” Sheriff Dave Ward said in a biblical reference that recalls a Lincoln campaign speech on slavery. He urged friends and neighbors to get off social media and talk out their differences over a cup of coffee. To which Facebook addicts everywhere replied: From my cold dead hands. — NBC News

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7. It’s always something

Last fall the State Department subpoenaed the Clinton Foundation for information about the foundation’s projects that might have needed federal approval when Mrs. Clinton was serving as Secretary of State. A rep for the foundation says that the document request has since gotten narrower, and the Post reports there is no indication that the State Department is specifically investigating Mrs. Clinton… but that it could “further complicate” her bid for the presidency. Yes, probably. — The Washington Post

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