Parody tourism video about Melbourne will have you in stitches

Oh, Melbourne. You are a beautiful city, you really are. But anyone who has spent much time with you will know that there are elements of the city that we just love to hate.

Melbourne has been voted the most liveable city in the world a few times over the years, which proud Melbournians will slip into conversation at any chance they can, but a parody tourism video about the Victorian capital is brutally honest about what life in Melbourne is really like.

The video was created by Darrell Hawkins and Daniel Mu behind the Facebook page How Many Stars? who have begun making parody tourism videos about different Australian cities, with Canberra and Melbourne the first two to be featured.

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“Why not consider a short stay in Melbourne, the most liveable capital city in Victoria?” Mu asks in his much-loved monotonous tone in the clips introduction.

Melbourne is known for its edgy art scene, he says, as a shot of unappealing tags are seen in an alleyway of an unknown area of the city.

Melbourne Tourism Parody
Image: How many stars?

It’s also a city known for its vibrant coffee culture, he goes on, as the camera pans across stocked shelves full of instant coffee.

Melbourne Tourism Parody
Image: How many stars?

We mustn’t forget how unpredictable the weather can be in Melbourne, with its four seasons in one day.

Melbourne Tourism Parody

Image: How many stars?

And the colourful laneways where you never know what you’ll come across.

Melbourne Tourism Parody
Image: How many stars?

Both originally from Melbourne, the pair decided to put the microscope on their former stomping ground.

“We’re both from Melbourne but we thought it was time to pay tribute to our hometown,” Hawkins told 3AW breakfast radio.

But Hawkins and Mu aren’t picking on Melbourne, they’re simply taking note of how Melbournians talk about their own city.

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“I actually think it’s more things that Melbournians like to make fun of their own city,” he says of the video, which features the notorious Melbourne Star, the Shane Warne bronze statue and Melbourne’s colourful alleyways.

“After we produced Canberra: How Many Stars? during a long slow summer, we thought it was finally time to give back to our home town and review it formally,” he said.

“Melbournians are insecure about where their city sits in the global pecking order and is therefore a very easy target.”

Video: How many stars?/YouTube

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