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12 animals who aren’t afraid to show some Valentine’s Day PDA

Unlike a lot of human PDA, animals showing each other love is the cutest thing I can think of and is always OK in my book. Whether it’s two kitties touching noses or porcupines love-wrestling (especially the latter), I can’t get enough of these affectionate displays. If there was a website that could alert me to real-time animal PDA, I’d be on it 24/7.

We have rounded up the 12 cutest displays of public animal affection to make your Valentine’s Day that much sweeter. Enjoy.

1. She’s mine!

She's mine!
Image: Giphy

“I love you, and I don’t care who knows it!”

2. Just a kitty and her pig

Image: Soy Laura, no comida/Facebook

“Sure, we’re different, but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to show our love!”

3. Yes?

Image: Giphy

“I will love on my dog friend whenever and wherever I please, thank you!

4. A flamingo heart — what could be cuter?

Image: Nathan Rupert/Flickr

Any animals that make a heart when they kiss may do so in front of me anytime.

5. So. Much. Love.

So. Much. Love.
Image: Giphy

Yeah, they’re so into each other they don’t even realize they’re being recorded.

6. The sweetest, most delicate kiss you will ever witness

Image: Mark Dumont/Flickr

It looks like art, doesn’t it?

7. Possibly the most romantic kiss I have ever witnessed

Image: Alan Lam/Flickr

But the best part about this picture? The floating heads behind the kissing ones in front.

8. Paw-dorable

Image: Giphy

And I’ve melted into a cuteness puddle.

9. These bunnies don’t carrot all that you’re watching their snuggle fest

These bunnies don't carrot all that you're watching their snuggle fest
Image: Tumblr

I love the third bunny, who simply cannot be bothered.

10. Nothing says love more than mutual grooming

Nothing says love more than mutual grooming
Image: Giphy

“Honey, when was the last time you cleaned your ears?”

11. Yin and yang. Yeah, these are my cats. And this is a very common position for them

Image: Ally Hirschlag

12. An unlikely couple, but possibly the cutest duo on this list

Image: osirisandriff/Instagram

Tiny nose meeting big nose officially breaks the cuteness meter.

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