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Cat brothers’ unbreakable bond will make you want to hug your siblings

These two ginger cats are living a life of luxury, and their happiness is really something to make you smile. Even more so when you consider they had an unfortunate start to life, when at only a few days old they were left abandoned in a backyard in Russia.                     

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According to Metro, the cats, who are brothers, were found by Moscow-based producer and event manager Anya Yukhtina, and she has completely transformed their lives, documenting much of it on Instagram.

Here’s the boys when they were small.

And they were quite a handful, as indicated by the caption on this picture: “Wanted cat sitter, I’m not kidding.”

They love watching Netflix together. (We assume it’s a show about birds or something similar.)

And cuddling.

They have an equal love for Christmas lights.

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🎄🎄 #легендарныекоты

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There’s no better hiding place than the washing machine, especially when there’s a comfy shirt inside.

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Playtime is always more fun when there are two of you.

Like most cats, these brothers are pretty lazy. And according to the caption on this picture, they love watching the weather forecast in bed.

Bath time, anyone?

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Their owner Yukhtina really loves them. And who wouldn’t? Just look at those faces.

Adorable! Nothing like a cute cat story to complete your day, right?

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