Fox mistakes her bed for a pile of snow and looks adorable doing it (WATCH)

What happens when you take a fox whose native environment is often snow-covered and put her on a bed with white sheets? You get a hilariously excited fox who thinks she’s jumping on snow.

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Pounce, pounce, pounce 🐬 #landdolphin

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I love how she acts almost like a cat who’s lost something under the sheets (digging, sniffing, digging), but then she suddenly jumps straight up in the air as if she thinks she’s diving into a big snow drift! Silly fox… don’t you realize you’re in a warm, comfy house now? Obviously not, but we love you all the more for it.

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This hilarious fox’s name is Juniper, and her bed-jumping antics have taken the Internet by storm. Her Instagram is chock-full of photos and videos of her getting into all sorts of trouble and just being generally adorable.

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In no mood for your shenanigans

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Groucho Fox

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Can I has? #petfox #foxes #preciousbaby

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“My toy!”

“I’m a book now!”

“I’m so freaking cute, aren’t I?”

You only scratch itches for your truest friends.

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This used to be my couch, now it's a den 🙄

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“Pretty sure I’m in trouble.”

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Juniper’s mom did clarify that her jumping is actually a form of attack. Foxes have a very high prey drive, meaning that they will attempt to hunt due to their natural instincts,” she told Bored Panda. Juniper and all foxes pounce in this way when they hear a scratching noise, which to them resembles the sound of a mouse under the snow or ground.” This behavior still sounds an awful lot like what my cats do every day, although I’m sure in Juniper’s case it’s somewhat more intense considering how much closer she is to the wild.

She also says numerous times on her Instagram that having a fox as a pet is not like having a dog or cat. They’re extremely temperamental (especially in the winter — there’s a scary snapping video to prove it). There are a couple of photos of some pretty nasty bites Juniper gave her owner when she tried to take away a toy. They have teeth that are meant for ripping meat off bones, so you can imagine what they might do to your skin, even if it’s accidental.

“While they may display some characteristics similar to dogs, these animals have not been bred to want to please people, while dogs, on the other hand, have. These animals are prone to biting and destructive behavior. They require an extensive amount of time and care to get them to the point where they are even sociable,” Juniper’s owner told Huffington Post.

So while most of what you see of Juniper looks oh so cute, you don’t necessarily want to rush out and adopt a fox, unless you have a lot of time to devote to them. They are wild animals first, and that means they’re not just going to curl up with you while you watch Netflix like most cats and dogs do. As such, they are only for the most patient of pet owners who don’t mind getting bitten on the regular.

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