Yoga guru takes her practice to the next level with help from beloved goat

Feb 11, 2016 at 3:35 p.m. ET

We've heard of bunny yoga and cat yoga, but Swedish-born yoga guru Rachel Brathen has gone for a slightly bigger posing companion — a baby goat — and it may be the most adorable form we've ever seen.

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Brathen, who has 1.8 million Instagram followers, was gifted a baby goat for Christmas from her husband. She named the kid Penny Lane, Bored Panda reports. And Penny (who even has her own Instagram page penny_thegoat) and her mum are pretty inseparable, so much so the kid has inspired Brathen's new poses.

Taking to Instagram, Brathen, who lives on the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba, shared a series of shots of her posing with her rescue goat.

Penny Lane's balancing skills are seriously impressive.


Commenters are impressed: "That goat is the best medicine for anything," tinademirs wrote.

"I would do yoga if it came with a baby goat," elayne@mel3014 shared, and _shaaanb agreed, writing, "Omg, this is goals."

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They practise their stretches together.


Sometimes even Ringo the dog gets involved in the poses.


We're all obsessed with how cute Penny is, and so is her mum. She captioned the image with, "I'm literally dying from cuteness overload every moment of every day right now."


Penny Lane also likes watching from the sidelines, even if she sometimes gets in the way.

Brathen captioned this image, "When you're trying to practice yoga but your baby goat is lying at the front center [sic] of your yoga mat and refuses to move and you try putting her on a blanket on the side seven times but she just comes right back to your mat so you give her a mat of her own but that won't do either because for some reason it's your mat with the last clean yoga towel on it or absolutely nothing so you give in and slide baby goats mat sideways so you can roll out your husbands mat to practice on instead... [sic]"


But the best part of these yoga poses is Brathen's obvious love for Penny. Yoga or no yoga, it's making us want our own goat sidekick.


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Have you ever seen a cuter form of yoga? Share your thoughts in the comments below.