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17 outdoor activities to make the most of spring

Don’t waste away your whole spring sitting inside. 

Instead, get out there and soak up the beautiful weather with these fun activities.

1. Ride a bike

Hop on a bike — either solo, with a friend or the whole family — and take a tour of your neighborhood from a new perspective.

2. Fly a kite

The spring winds are perfect for kite flying. Find a park or an open field and get ready to launch — just make sure to stay away from tall trees and power lines!

3. Go on a picnic

It’s hard to get the family to gather around the dinner table when spring has finally arrived. Pack up your meal and take it outside, either to your own back yard or a local park, where you can enjoy the weather while you dine.

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4. Explore local trails

It’s funny how most of us are less likely to explore the trails that are right outside our own back door. Pick one you haven’t explored in a while (or ever) and go take a hike.

5. Play Frisbee

How long as it been since you’ve played Frisbee? If it feels too simple, make things a little more interesting with a game of Frisbee golf. Bonus points if your dog plays, too.

6. Bird watch

Bird watching may not sound like the most exciting activity, but it’s actually a pretty interesting way to start your day. Equip yourself with some binoculars and good birding book or app, then sit quietly and see what you can find.

7. Go camping

Pack a bag, grab your tent, and set up camp. It doesn’t matter if you’re way out of town, or in your own back yard. There’s just something to be said about sleeping under the stars. And spring is the perfect time to do it — before the heat is too sweltering and the bugs are more than you can handle.

8. Play miniature golf

There’s no time like spring for a round of miniature golf. It’s perfect for date night, or a day out with the whole family, and everyone has a great time.

9. Plant a garden

If you want to enjoy that garden all summer long, you better get planting as soon as the spring weather is warm enough.

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10. Go to a baseball game

Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you should definitely make it a point to take in at least one game each spring. The fans, the music and the food are enough to make for an unforgettable experience, and you might even become a fan before the night is over.

11. Pick flowers

The spring is all about the blooms, just stay away from the pretty ones in your neighbor’s yard!

12. Go to a petting zoo

Petting zoos are fun any time of year, but in the spring, they’re filled with brand new babies that are even more fun to cuddle.

13. Play in the rain

Come on, you know you want to. The next time you get a good downpour, grab your rain boots, but ditch the umbrella.

14. Barbecue

Don’t spend a gorgeous spring evening slaving over a stove. Bring the food outdoors and enjoy some fresh air while you cook. Plus, everything tastes better when it’s been cooked on a grill.

15. Take an evening stroll

Spring evenings are a magical time of day. It’s quiet, cool and the perfect time for an after-dinner stroll.

16. Feed some wildlife

Birds, squirrels, chipmunks, ducks and more and showing their faces again this time of year, and you can bet they’re all hungry. Give them a free meal and get a chance to watch nature in action.

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17. Take in a show

As soon as the weather warms up, outdoor concerts and other performances start to fill calendars. Grab a blanket or a lawn chair and take in some entertainment under the stars.

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