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Woman turns herself into the scariest monsters ever, using only makeup

For amazing special effects makeup beauty vlogger Andrea De La Ossa has it nailed. With only makeup, brushes and her insane talent she transforms herself into all manner of hideous creatures, sharing the images on Instagram for us all to marvel at. 

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De La Ossa, who has more than 23,000 Instagram followers, says the interest in her work has been “insane.”

“People have genuinely surprised me by taking this weird thing I do at face value and encouraging me to do more,” she wrote. “Unbelievable.”

A ghost that’s equal parts terrifying and beautiful

You’ll rethink the next time you say, “I’ll just put on my face”

Makes us glad we have skin

For those “female pinhead cenobite” sort of days

Have you got your head screwed on?

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This looks more like digital manipulation than makeup

The artist calls this the “favourite zombie she’s ever done”

“It’s better to be a lion for a day, than a sheep all your life.”

Shark attack!

Friday the 13th‘s Jason in his trademark hockey mask

See more of Andrea’s scary makeup looks on Instagram.

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