How to turn any ordinary bouquet of flowers into a swank arrangement

Who doesn’t love getting handed a bouquet of flowers? Even when they’re just cheap blooms from the corner store, it’s still a delight… until you jam them into any old vase. It’s the thought that counts, right? You can do better by those blossoms and your boo! Here are a few tips from a professional for making any bunch of flowers look high end and fancy-pants.

Bronwen G.P. Smith is the owner and lead designer behind New York City’s B Floral, a chic floral and event design company. She shared with us her best tips for turning a generic floral bouquet into something amazing.

1. Roses + greens = swank centerpiece

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Smith says you can turn a plain old bouquet of roses into something special for your table by adding a few greens you might already have growing in your yard.

“If you’re gifted roses, try using them in a gorgeous centerpiece,” she says. “By adding a surplus of greens and adding a few upscale flowers like peonies, you can create a centerpiece of elegance and style.”

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2. Cut ’em short

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Everyday roses — or any other single variety of flowers — can be turned into a sophisticated, modern arrangement with the snip of a stem.

“You can turn a simple bouquet of roses into a sleek arrangement by snipping the stems short and arranging them tightly into a modern, matte vase,” Smith says.

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3. Embrace the highs and lows

flower arrangement
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What’s better than a bunch of flowers in one vase: Flowers in a bunch of vases, of course. Create a pretty tablescape by breaking up the bouquet among a few different vases of varying height.

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4. Let your vase take center stage

flowers in blue vase
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“If you’re given a simple bouquet or arrangement, using a vase with style helps enhance your flowers and make a statement,” Smith says. Not that you want your vase to upstage your flowers, but the right one can elevate them into something extraordinary.

5. Use a non-vase vase

flower arramgements
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Don’t have the perfect statement vase? Improvise with an eye-catching vessel that makes your flowers pop.

“Try using a cookie jar or tea canister, or even wrapping a unique ribbon around a simple container,” Smith adds.

6. Sneak in some fancier flowers

roses with flowers
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“A large arrangement of monochromatic roses can be spruced up by adding a variety of other flowers,” Smith says. “Arrange in a distinctive vase, and you have a statement piece.” A big bunch of monochromatic flowers — even the dreaded carnations — can be made over into something special with the addition of a few more high-end flowers.

Receiving that bouquet is just the beginning. What you do with those flowers can tell yet another beautiful story for your home.

flower arranging
Image: Dyan Photography; Design by Becci Burkhart/SheKnows


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