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Celebrate Galentine’s Day with these 5 inspiring women

If Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your significant other, “Galentine’s Day” is about celebrating your significant others — your girl squad, your lady loves, your BFFs. I lead the charge at Bright Pink, an organization that, every day, gives women the tools to be their best and brightest selves. Along the way, I’ve encountered some pretty incredible women worth honoring.

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1. The Girl Boss: Janet Foutty, chairman and CEO, Deloitte Consulting

Foutty is the only female CEO to lead a consulting practice of such magnitude. Beyond being a powerhouse in the business world, she works tirelessly to empower women in the workplace. She is a champion for Deloitte’s Women’s Initiative and also founded Women in Technology groups in both India and the United States. Talk about the ultimate Girl Boss!

2. The Realist: Brené Brown, Author

Brown tops my list of favorite authors. She doesn’t sugarcoat reality, and she embraces vulnerability in a beautiful way. Her most recent book, Rising Strong, acknowledges that, while we all fall down, it’s how you pick yourself up that matters. Struggle is inevitable, but the ability to own it and be courageous in the face of a difficult situation is something I really admire. We all could learn a little something from this woman.

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3. The Go-Getter: Alicia Quarles, Journalist

Quarles is one of those people who reminds us all to live life to the fullest. She goes beyond small talk and, true to her journalistic expertise, makes a point to get to know the real side of everyone she meets. She is also a fiercely loyal friend. When Diem Brown passed away of ovarian cancer, Alicia teamed up with Bright Pink to honor her friend’s memory by inspiring women everywhere to be proactive with their ovarian health.

4. The Dreamer: Jen Foyle, global brand president, Aerie, American Eagle Outfitters

Foyle is the brains behind the brilliant #AerieReal campaign. By taking a stand against retouching and instead focusing on body positivity, she was able to change the way a fashion-intimates brand communicates with young women, turning a bold vision into a wildly empowering campaign and inspiring women everywhere to love their real self. More leaders should dare to dream like this.

5. The Healthcare Revolutionary: Dr. Deborah Lindner, Bright Pink chief medical officer

Lindner dwells in possibility. As the CMO at Bright Pink, she is truly revolutionizing the way doctors care for their young female patients. Through the nonprofit’s Women’s Health Provider Education Initiative, she is teaching the next generation of women’s health providers to identify and manage breast and ovarian cancer risk in their patients. In the next year, 14 million women are poised to receive more comprehensive breast and ovarian health care thanks to Lindner’s leadership.

And, because my list wouldn’t be complete without them …

6. My stepdaughters, Lexie and Abby

These girls are my greatest inspiration. To me, they represent the next generation of strong, beautiful women, and they have made my life’s work at Bright Pink that much more important. Plus, there are no two people I’d rather drive to field hockey practice (while belting Taylor Swift!) than them.

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