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Courageous panda cub needs his mom’s help to get out of a tree (VIDEO)

If you’ve spent any time around children, you’re probably all too familiar with having to help them out of sticky situations — sometimes literally. That’s why watching this panda mom spot her baby as he climbs out of a tree truly pulls on the heartstrings.  

Little Bei Bei (the most apropos name for a baby panda ever) is only five months old, but if you know these babies at all, you’re well aware that’s old enough to get into all kinds of trouble. Thankfully, like any good mom, Mei Xiang always has an eye on him so he can’t go too far without her right on his tail. Case in point, watch the cutest interaction between mother and baby animal I’ve seen in recent memory.

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This video gives me cuteness shivers all over. Even though he makes frustrated little grunts, as if to say, “Back off, Mom! I got this!” she doesn’t step away for a second. His safety is all that matters to her, but she doesn’t just grab him out of the tree like some animal moms would. She lets him do it, all while carefully supporting him, just like a human mom might do when her kid tries biking without training wheels for the first time.

Based on his track record, it definitely won’t be the last time Bei Bei’s mom will have to rescue him. Here are some other, hilarious/adorable/mischievous Bei Bei moments sure to give you all sorts of feels.

See? I told you the tree climbing was far from over.
Oh, you know he’s up to something here.

And the classic “bothering mom while she’s sleeping” routine.

First steps! You know what that means — running’s next.

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Baby Panda meets snow for the first time!

As Bei Bei continues to grow, he’ll get more active. The folks over at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo say he’s eating more solid foods now, like bamboo and sweet potatoes (yum), but he won’t be fully off his mom’s milk for another year. When he’s not awing viewers with his climbing skills, he’s hanging with his mom and big sister Bao Bao. If you’re not a D.C. local, you can check out his antics on the Smithsonian Zoo’s livecam.

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