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Felix the cat is awarded a prestigious new job at a lucky train station

Mice are an expected nuisance at most train stations — unless of course you’re in West Yorkshire, England. 

At Huddersfield Station, they took mice catching to a whole new level five years ago when they brought in their own form of pest control, Felix the cat.

Introduced to Huddersfield at just 9 weeks old, Felix has spent his life wandering the station, catching mice, befriending commuters and eating his weight in treats from co-workers and admirers.

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He’s been a known fixture at the station since he came to live there, but recently he’s gained worldwide attention. What’s the cause for the sudden claim to fame? Felix has been promoted — given the official title of Senior Pest Controller at Huddersfield Train Station, and the position comes complete with a uniform and badge.

This new title is a welcome recognition from Felix’s boss and co-workers, who look forward to his daily cuddles in the office and, depending on his mice-catching abilities, to enjoying a rodent-free work space.

It’s also a happy surprise to train riders, who look forward to being greeted by the feline day after day.

He’s not just there for the free treats and an endless supply of petting hands, though. Felix is a hard worker. He steps in wherever he’s needed, even lending a hand at the ticket station and control booth now and then.

Recently the station put up partitions to help deter those seeking to avoid paying fares, but those partitions were also keeping Felix from completing his patrols. Once station officials noticed his plight, they went right to work installing Felix-size flaps so he can once again have the run of the place.

Since his promotion, Felix has skyrocketed to fame — his Facebook page currently has over 24,000 followers.

As much as you might think station-patrolling cats are a novelty, it’s actually quite a common practice, and for good reason. Cats are great at keeping rodents away, and they cost a lot less than regular visits from a professional pest control service.

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One station cat duo from Germany is quickly gaining in popularity thanks to a plug from their good friend Felix.

Japan also has a cat who serves as official station master — the second of her kind since her predecessor passed away last summer. Kishi didn’t replace Tama in anyone’s heart, but she gained a lot of new love in a very short time.

Thanks to Felix for proving that cats are good for so much more than blank stares and daylong naps. Some felines work for their treats, and Felix tops them all.

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