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New Hampshire primary begins, deadly train crash in Germany & more news

It’s Tuesday morning and hopefully you’ve eased into the week. But don’t strain yourself — wake up gently with these news headlines.

1. Start your engines

Today is the New Hampshire primary, the second of the nation’s primary contests. The candidates have spent the week since the Iowa caucuses campaigning like mad in the Granite State, and the three tiny towns that cast their votes at midnight have already delivered a verdict: Bernie Sanders for the Dems, with 17 votes to Hillary’s nine, and a three-way tie for the Repubs, with Cruz, Trump and Kasich each netting nine. — The New York Times

2. Not so secure

Hackers have published the contact information, such as names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers, of 20,000 FBI employees. This comes just a day after posting similar info on 10,000 Department of Homeland Security employees. The hacker group, which tweets under the handle @DotGovs, is demanding the U.S. cut ties with Israel. — CNN

3. Tragedy in Germany

Two commuter trains crashed head-on in Germany’s southeastern state of Bavaria this morning, leaving eight dead and dozens injured. The crash collision happened at 6:48 a.m.; helicopters carrying rescue workers arrived on the scene to pry the victims from the wreckage. Officials have not yet offered an explanation for the crash. — CNN

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4. Adam and Steve are live in New Hampshire and are pissed

Yesterday, a New Hampshire voter confronted Marco Rubio on his stance on same-sex marriage during a campaign stop at a local restaurant. Timothy Kierstead asked Rubio, “Why do you want to put me back in the closet?” Rubio replied that he believes that marriage is between a man and woman, and when Kierstead pushed back, Rubio repeated himself. Then he scooted away, because if Rubio has learned anything from Saturday’s debate, it’s that staying too on message can make you look like you’re short-circuiting. — NBC News

5. Klassy

Donald Trump, who shouldn’t be able to shock anyone anymore, shocked reporters at a rally on Monday night by using a crude epithet to describe his rival Ted Cruz. Discussing his recent statements on waterboarding versus Cruz’s position on torture, he quoted what one of his supporters yelled during the rally and called Cruz a “pussy.” His audience erupted into cheers and laughter. Keep it classy, candidates! — NBC News

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6. Let ’em in

A federal judge has squelched Texas lawmakers’ plans to keep refugees from settling there. U.S. District Judge David Godbey has blocked Republican attempts to bar Syrian refugees from Texas, and in his order he reasoned not that the refugees pose little threat, but that overruling the executive branch is a prime example of judiciary overreach — something that Republicans are supposed to hate. — Slate

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7. 800,000 to go

A petition has been approved to recall Michigan governor Rick Snyder, but not for the water crisis, if you can believe it. No, this petition has been prompted by Snyder’s executive action regarding the state’s takeover of the public schools. (The Board of State Canvassers has rejected the water-related petitions for lack of specificity as to why Snyder should be recalled.) The petition needs nearly 800,000 signatures to get a recall measure on the ballot in November. — Slate

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